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Our products offer quality ingredients and mixes suitable for amateur use or professional breeding.

Quality Products Guaranteed

Marriage's ranges include non GM and organic products for pets, poultry, horses and livestock. We avoid using chemical extracts or fillers.

What ever the situation , we encourage customers to value the health as well as the performance of an animal. Our focus is on simplicity,quality, functionality and reliability.

We are confident you can trust our feeds and we will never confuse you with gimmicks.

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Wildbird & Small Animal

Poultry & Livestock


The Honeyfields Story is about valuing nature and reversing the damage done to some of our much loved wildlife, achieved through a speical network of farms, all practising nature friendly farming to produce food for brands people choose to buy.

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Honeyfield's Nutri-bombs

No Limestone, No Calcium Carbonate, No Sand, No Chalk or Clay... Just full of good stuff!!!

Compared to standard energy balls, these brand new, innovative nutri-bombs are packed with all the best ingredients that wild birds simply love and they also provide year long health

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Commercial Animal Feeds

W & H Marriage & Sons supplies compound animal feeds, coarse mixes and wheatfeed to farms, stables and retailers. From our mill in Chelmsford, we deliver across East Anglia and the south-east of England.

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