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Quality everyday horse and pony feeds.

Laminitic Mix

High fibre, low calorie.


This is an attractive coarse mix, high in fibre and low in calories, starch and sugar. The formulation of this feed will increase eating time and saliva production, helping to reduce the chance of stress. As well as a high quality vitamin and mineral package, this complete feed also contains biotin to encourage development of the hoof wall. It is designed to help in the management of horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis but it is not medicinal nor a substitute for other forms of husbandry or veterinary care required for this condition.

Available in the following bag sizes:

Veteran Mix

Great for teeth, joints and digestion.


A coarse mix formulated with high quality protein for improved condition and antioxidants to encourage cell renewal. The formulation considers the possible dental and digestive issues in much older horses. Molassed micronized cereals and pulses, as well as added mint, are designed to enhance palatability. A yeast supplement will aid the older digestive system and glucosamine helps to maintain supple joints. High oil levels add shine to the horse’s aging coat and provide a source of manageable energy.

Available in the following bag sizes:

Cool Cubes

Ideal Everyday Cube.


Cool Cubes is a balanced everyday feed for horses and ponies in light to medium work. The formulation suits good-doers that gain weight easily, for example a native pony. Sensible protein and fibre levels ensure weight maintenance and gut health, while linseed releases energy slowly and improves coat shine. Cool Cubes is a versatile and cost- effective option for larger yards.

Available in the following bag sizes:

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