Duck & Goose Range

Quality complete feeds for waterfowl

Duck and Goose Crumbs

A high protein crumb.


Young waterfowl require a high level of good quality protein, as they grow quickly. The crumbs are ideally sized to allow easy feeding for the young birds. Ducklings/goslings will feed off their yolk sac for 24 hours. After that, these crumbs should be fed up to three or four weeks of age, depending on development. Marriage’s Duck & Goose feeds are coccidiostat free. Feed approximately 350g per bird per week.

Available in the following bag sizes:

Duck and Goose Grower Pellets

Specific for waterfowl.


Mix with crumb from three weeks for a gradual change over to 3mm pellets by four weeks. Straight feeds can be mixed in at five weeks, but should be accompanied by grit and are merely supplementary. Feed to birds until eight weeks, unless laying birds when fed to point of lay.

Available in the following bag sizes:

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