Our businesses are based around both new technology and traditional values. The high standard of our mills means that you can rely on the quality and security of our products

The Journey...

In 1824 William and Henry Marriage started milling the wheat produced on their family farm.

The brothers established a company which grew rapidly, using wind and water power to mill bread flour and livestock feed. Marriage’s has grown with the times, now offering a wide range of animal feeds and pet foods.

Two large mills supply retailers and farmers across the country, continuously focusing on producing quality products, reliable service and value for money.

Wild Bird

1824: The original mill Broomfield, Essex

The Original Mill

1839: A new water mill built nearby, Moulsham

New eight acre pet food facility

1900: Large Steam Powered Mill on the Chelmsford Railway

Chelmer Mills

1970: Chelmer Mills modernised and expanded

Large Steam Powered Mill

2013: New eight acre pet food facility in Lincolnshire

The Latest Technology

Automated Modern Production

Automated modern production

Advanced Packing

Advanced packing from 500g to 30 tonnes

Efficient Distribution

Efficient distribution


Wildbird & Small Animal

Poultry & Livestock


The Honeyfields Story is about valuing nature and reversing the damage done to some of our much loved wildlife, achieved through a speical network of farms, all practising nature friendly farming to produce food for brands people choose to buy.

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